We are making a stop in Gotheburg for two days. 28-29 September. Do not miss the chance to be served one of the country’s finest burgers cooked on our Burger Bike “The Dirtburger”. Follow us on the event on facebook for more details. #burgerbike #shareyourdirt

28 sept – Kunsportsplatsen
29 sept – Kungsportsplatsen

 Från klockan 11.00 så länge burgarna räcker

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The Dirtburger

The Dirtburger contains locally produced first class beef. In order to keep the high quality taste, we fry up two burgers, each flavored with delicious mustard and yummy cheddar cheese. The pickled cucumber and fried onions are then the icing on the cake when the burger is assembled between our wonderfully fresh and unique bread.

Rewarded burger

The Dirtburger has been a success in Sweden since 2013 through a company called BurgarBussen (i.e. the Burger Bus, which is also part owner of Burger Bike). In 2015, our Dirtburger earned second place at the Swedish Burger Championship.