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Nya cykeln är mindre och smidigare men ännu mer utvecklad än den tidigare. Den 27 april 2018 kommer Burger Bike till Uppsala. Biker-Chef blir Philip Öberg som under 2017 och inledningen av 2018 värmt upp i Ludvika med stående inslag varje vecka. Burger...

Burger Bike in short

Burger Bike’s business idea is to make well-made, high quality burgers available to all. This will be achieved through a well-packaged mobile hamburger concept, which can be launched in every city at a very low cost. Burger bike is an eco-friendly mobile hamburger restaurant chain on an electrical bicycle.

The advantage of Burger Bike is:

  • The eco-friendly mobile concept, which benefits the company, the customer, and the environment.
  • The bicycle has a low set-up cost, and therefore it is easy to scale up the business.
  • The bike gives us the opportunity too access places were cars and trucks aren’t allowed.
  • Our staff doesn’t need a drivers license

Do you want to become a part of this journey? Become a Burger Biker

The Dirtburger

The Dirtburger contains locally produced first class beef. In order to keep the high quality taste, we fry up two burgers, each flavored with delicious mustard and yummy cheddar cheese. The pickled cucumber and fried onions are then the icing on the cake when the burger is assembled between our wonderfully fresh and unique bread.

Rewarded burger

The Dirtburger has been a success in Sweden since 2013 through a company called BurgarBussen (i.e. the Burger Bus, which is also part owner of Burger Bike). In 2015, our Dirtburger earned second place at the Swedish Burger Championship.

Burger Bike specs

The bike includes:

Three fridges
Sink with water tank and waste water tank
Speed rack
Bluetooth audio system
Unfoldable roof
Easy payment solution
All of our bikes also comes with a bunch of Burger Bike loungers!


The Dirt Burger


Käkade en burgare på stående fot i lördags 2/9 natt och det var den bästa burgaren jag ätit so fare. Var tvungen att beställer en till som jag tog med hem. Grymt bra och hoppas man får se dig även när kylan kommer.

Pierre Lind

Jag skulle kunna skriva massor med positiva ord och målande beskrivningar om denna burgare och idé, men egentligen är det bara en mening som kan sammanfatta det hela: “Hallelujah”

Amanda Wikström

Great flavours of moist meat met with melted cheddarcheese, classic mustard, salty pickles and fried onions.


The burgers are truly great!


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Tom Sakofall
+46 (0)76-272 80 02



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